Where have I been?

Hi all! I haven’t been online for the past 2 weeks and I thought I would write this post just to give you all an update on what has been happening.

For the past week, I have been without power which means no Wi-Fi = no social media or blogging. For those that haven’t been keeping up with the Australian news or the endless posts on Facebook, a cyclone hit where I live in Airlie Beach Queensland. My family and I are fine and have had no real damage to our property except for a few trees falling down, our fence falling down and a bit of roofing from our shed lifting up. We have been pretty lucky as many people have lost roofs and had lots of water damage.

This cyclone was one of the slowest moving cyclones I have every experienced. It lasted in total for about 18 hours and got up to a Category 4. I was out at Dingo Beach for the cyclone at my boyfriends parents house. For the first half, we were pretty protected by the hills so it wasn’t too bad. But as soon as it turned around it smashed us. We ended up losing part of the downstairs ceiling in their house because of water coming in under the upstairs doors. It was a very long night/day.

We have had the army, SES, and lots of random people/companies coming to the Whitsundays to help by bringing food and supplies for families that need them. Ergon has been working their butts off to try and get the power back up and running. I can’t believe the amount of power lines that have been brought down by trees or just leaning over because the ground is so wet.

Anyways, I have had to put my business on hold for the past couple weeks to help with the clean up. I must admit, it has actually been pretty nice not being on social media every day, but I can’t wait for a hot shower.

I don’t really have too much more to say except I hope everyone else is doing well and thanks to everybody for helping with the massive clean up.

Claire x