Six Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Holidays like valentines day is the perfect time for small business to offer specials and explore different marketing techniques. Even if your business isn’t in the formal or confections industries you can still incorporate Valentines Day into your marketing plan. Here are six ideas to get you started.

Six Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

1. Throw a Giveaway

If your business provides products or services that are used for weddings e.g. photography, cakes, wedding planning, gifts, etc., consider hosting a giveaway. This will increase interest in your products/service and will potentially bring in more customers that would be willing to pay if they don’t win.

2. Hold a Contest

This is similar to the first point. Host a contest, maybe best love story, or most awkward date, who proposed in the most creative way etc. You can announce the winner on Valentines Day and provide them with a special prize e.g. Gift Certificate, dinner for two. This will generate more talk about your business and customers will want to get involved and share their stories.

3. Encourage your Customers to treat themselves

Encourage shoppers to buy for themselves. Send out emails promoting personalized merchandise or encouraging customers to give themselves a well-deserved treat.

4. Find a Valentine’s Day angle for your products

Highlight ways your products/services can make people smile. Add love hearts to your advertising.

5. Acknowledge special customers

Send a Valentine incentive to your most loyal customers via mail or email. Maybe offer them a discount or reduced prices. You could even send them a small gift in the post.

6. Valentine’s day only special offer

Celebrate with special offers on February 15th. You could offer couple discounts like 2 for 1 deals or 20% off. This is one way to make money on the Valentines Day theme that isn’t associated with romance.

What are you doing for your customers for Valentines Day?