My Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media is the biggest traffic referral to my website. In the past, I have tried to be on almost every social media network at once and it just doesn’t work. I find myself online for about half the day trying to promote my business. Recently, I decided I would try spending only 30-60 minutes a day promoting my business on social media on only 4 networks. My current favorite networks are Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, I also have a Twitter account but I am thinking of getting rid of this one as I don’t really understand it and doesn’t drive much traffic to my website.

social media plan

So how do I plan what I am going to post in a week?

Social Media Calendar

1. I print off a blank calendar at the beginning of the month

I like this calendar as it is very simple and there is enough room to plan what I am going to post about each day.

2. I choose a theme for the week.

As you can see down the left-hand side I have written keywords for what topic I am going to be posting about during each week. This week I am posting about Social Media. I like to use the categories I post about on my blog to help me out. I might have a week about Blogging, Business, Design, Organisation etc.

3. I create my Social Media posts

Every Sunday night I like to sit down and find 3 tips about my chosen topic for my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I don’t pay for any automated systems I just use Facebook’s built-in scheduler, I have my images saved on my phone and the text in a note on my phone ready to be posted on Instagram and I spend 5 mins on Pinterest every morning pinning.

4. I plan my blog posts

I hope to post on this blog twice a week so also on Sunday night I sit down and plan the topics for my posts. I usually write my posts the day before but I am hoping to start having them planned the week before. Just got to get organized and motivated.

5. I schedule my Social Media Posts and Blog Posts

I create graphics for my blog posts and schedule my facebook posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Now I just sit back and wait. The only social media platform I have to use daily is Pinterest (where I repost about 5-10 images a day) and Instagram (I already have my images and text planned). I also have to spend time replying to comments and interacting on other people’s posts.

My Social Media Plan is pretty simple and I am still refining it but it works for me and I am seeing my numbers grow.

I hope some of these tips helped you out.