Howdog Fishing

Howdog’s Experience

I just recently started up my own business for fishing and outdoorsy people and needed someone to make me a deadly website that would become a vital platform for selling my products. I already had a Facebook page and needed a reliable way for my customers to securely make their purchases. Having known Claire for many years, she was first to be called on to design my page and I have no regrets in doing so.

Having no real idea of what I wanted, the website was created from scratch. And what a glorious concoction it turned out to be! A bloody masterpiece. If you want a quick thinking, reliable and great value web designer than look no further than Claire Sempf Design.

About Howdog

Howdog Fishing and Outdoors is the underdog of all your fishing and outdoor items. Not only do they offer quality products, they sell them at a highly discounted price.


  • Improve overall site aesthetic and user experience in order to create a more engaging experience
  • Using WooCommerce develop a simple eCommerce store for selling their products to their customers online
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS and WooCommerce for cart functionality
  • Provide great device accessibility through Responsive Web Design


  • Brand Positioning
  • Custom WordPress
  • Website Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • UX & Prototyping

Phase 1


I was excited to start completely from scratch with this custom website design. Howdog already had a facebook page in place to sell their products and to advertise the business, but they felt like they needed a website for a streamlined online shopping experience. The main focus of this site is to make online shopping a pleasure for their customers, with every potential need covered.

Together we came up with a good overall experience in presenting and exploring products, which centralized the content which made it pleasurable to navigate. Howdog wanted to make sure its customers could easily find what they were looking for.


Phase 2

Style Concepts

Howdog had only one condition with the branding and that was red must incorporated. I wanted the site to be very bold and unlike any other online fishing stores so I decided to keep it masculine using black and white as the primary colours and red as the accent.

Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

Howdogs new fully-integrated eCommerce website lets their customers easily navigate through all their products and to make purchases through a secure site. Using WooCommerce it enabled continuous management of customer orders and stock. They will be able to add new items to the store easily without the hassle of third-party help.