Five Offline Marketing Ideas

It’s easy to believe innovation and results can only be driven digitally, but some of the best advertising and marketing takes place away in the physical world. The best marketing strategy will combine offline marketing with various digital elements to make sure you’re covering all the touch points for your brand.

If need some inspiration, just take a look below.

offline marketing ideas

1. Business Cards

Business Cards are a great tool for offline marketing because you will never know when you’ll meet a potential client and wish to share your details. You can leave cards in places where your target market hangs out e.g. Coffee Shops, Hairdressers, other business etc. Make sure your design stands out from the crowd to ensure it fulfils its potential as a marketing tool.

2. Printed Marketing Material

Flyers and pamphlets still provide an important role both in event marketing and direct mail. You can advertise your brand or business at the same time as creating something people would genuinely like to receive.

3. Competitions and Prizes

Competitions and prizes are very popular in digital and offline marketing. And you’ll often find offering a number of smaller value prizes will work better in gaining entries than one very large prize, as entrants will believe they’ve got a better chance of winning.

4. Celebrate Holidays with Cards and Gifts

Sending customers/clients personalised birthday and Christmas cards is a great way to encourage them to advocate your brand. A well-designed and thoughtful personalised greeting or present can show your company really cares about customers or clients.

5. Branded Merchandise

Branded pens, hats, stickers, mouse pads, umbrellas etc. are a great way to get your brand seen and talked about. These are popular, practical and durable and can feature your brand logo with the potential of exposure to a wider audience e.g. during busy commutes or in the office.