How To Set Up A Self Hosted Blog Through Siteground and WordPress

I feel like I keep repeating myself but honestly, THE BEST thing you can do for your business is to start a blog! I have been writing on this blog for just under a year now and my posts drive so much traffic to my site.

Set Up a Blog with Siteground and WordPress

So I know many people don’t want to spend the big dollars $ setting up their own blog and I am a massive dan of DIY. You might not feel you have the and feel that they don’t have the knowledge but today I am telling you how to easily set up a self-hosted WordPress blog on Siteground.

1. Buy A Domain Name

You’ll need a domain name if you don’t have one already. I purchased my domain name through Namecheap and I haven’t had any issues.

Note ** If you decide to buy hosting with Siteground your domain name will be included for free. 

2. Choose a Hosting Plan

Set up a Blog with Siteground and WordPress

Head on over to SiteGround and select a hosting plan. If you’re just starting your blog, go with the most basic and cost effective plan, StartUp. You can always upgrade your plan later as you grow.

3. Input your contact and payment information

Currently, Siteground’s pricing starts at $3.95/month for the Startup Hosting Package, which is a great deal! I bought the Grow Big package which is $7.95/month but I wanted the support. For a newbie blogger, I would have only purchased the Start Up package.

4.Install WordPress. Open a support ticket to have SiteGround install WordPress FOR YOU for FREE!

Set up a Blog with Siteground and WordPress

Installing WordPress with SiteGround could not be any easier. Their support team will do it for you for free! After you sign up for your hosting, log in to your account and select the “Support” tab.

Set up a Blog with Siteground and WordPress

5. Add and Customize A WordPress Theme

WordPress theme lookin’ a little rough? That’s because now you need to customize the theme. Go to Appearance > Settings > Customize to tweak your theme to look the way you’d like it to look. If you need technical help, contact the maker of your theme.

There you go! Your very own WordPress Self Hosted Blog! Now you can relax and start writing some awesome shareworthy content! Enjoy!

*This post contains affiliate links. I link only to products I’ve used myself and can recommend!